Resetting Your Apple Id Password Is Easy Here’s How

How can I access past device information under my Apple ID? For example, I need to find the serial number for an iPad that is no longer an active device in my account, but it was. Select the device you want to remove from the menu on the left side of the window.

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  • If your device is missing, you canuse Find Myto find your device and take additional actions that can help you recover it and keep your data safe.
  • If you plan on selling or recycling your device, you want to make sure that someone can’t get into your account once you get rid of it.
  • If you don’t see your devices right away, click View Details and answer your security questions.
  • How can I access past device information under my Apple ID?
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It also won’t have access to iCloud and other Apple services, including Find My, until you sign in again with two-factor authentication. Review all the personal and security information in your account. Update any information that isn’t correct or that you don’t recognize, including your name, your primary ‌Apple ID‌ email address and alternate/rescue email address, your phone numbers. Also check your security questions and answers, and make sure your answers aren’t easy to guess.

Check Your Apple Id Device List To See Where You’re

If you acquired an Apple device that’s still connected to someone else’s iCloud account, contact the previous owner and ask them to remove it using And exactly where on that page is the portal to adding a device? All I see are the devices I’ve already registered. There used to be a way, on the Manage Your Apple ID page, to add a new device. I bought my new MacBook Air at Best Buy so it doesn’t automatically show up on that page (and a number of my other devices have disappeared from that page, but that’s not the current concern).

How Do I Manage Devices On My Apple Id?

However, Apple warns this process might take longer than the other methods on this list. But if it’s your only option, visit, follow the instructions and your password will be reset. You can view and manage a list of your trusted devices in the Devices section of your Apple ID account page.

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Follow the onscreen prompts to finish changing your password. Your Apple ID is your key to using a lot of Apple’s products and services. Some features are not available in all countries or regions. If you like, you can get notifications when your child arrives at school or a family member leaves work. Notifications are easy to set up, and each person gets the choice to opt in.

If you plan on selling or recycling your device, you want to make sure that someone can’t get into your account once you get rid of it. So, you really do want to deauthorize everything before getting rid of your iPhone, iPad, or computer. Look for your Apple ID. As long as you’re signed in, your Apple ID will be listed under your name. You may need to find an Account tab to find your Apple ID.

Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. This apple icon is in the top left corner of your screen and opens the Apple menu. It’s the first option in the menu next to your profile picture.If you aren’t signed in, you’ll see a prompt to sign in instead. If you don’t have an Apple ID, you’ll be prompted to create one. Your Apple devices use iCloud to stay backed up and in sync. If you’re no longer using a device, though, you should remove it from your iCloud account.

You add the device by logging into your Apple ID from the device’s Settings. Click the device to see its details, then click “Remove from account”. In the My Devices section, select a device you want to remove. All the cards you use with Apple Pay and your driver’s license or state ID are removed from the device. In the My Devices section, select a device in the list. Manage the list of devices that can download and play items that you bought with your Apple ID.

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