Since that time, air from each other grant and you will comradeship during the AGU has actually generally molded the rest of my top-notch lifestyle

Since that time, air from each other grant and you will comradeship during the AGU has actually generally molded the rest of my top-notch lifestyle

A most memorable turning area happened on College of California Davis inside the 1959, whenever Don Nielsen insisted which i sign up AGU. I experienced quickly home.

Inside light of everything I owe AGU, the very hard right here to find the right conditions to express my personal gratitude for this biggest detection. Therefore, I could only give you thanks, along with an equivalent air additionally include Jean-Yves Parlange, Kuo-Nan Liou, plus the page editors with the nomination, plus the members of new Bowie Medal Panel having the believe. And even though she does not need me to, We gratefully recognize the support from my partner Toyo, my personal companion and you will lover over the past half century. Ultimately, no-one stays in a vacuum and in addition we are all formed by the types. Hence, so it award fulfills me having great pleasure because it reflects maybe not just to your me personally, however, moreso toward of a lot colleagues and you can people which have who I got the brand new privilege and you can pleasure to your workplace historically.

Hiroo Kanamori

Hiroo Kanamori is actually issued the latest 2014 William Bowie Medal in the AGU Fall Conference Remembers Ceremony, kept on in San francisco bay area, Calif. Brand new medal is for “a good benefits so you can standard geophysics and also for unselfish venture during the browse.”


Hiroo Kanamori has made a great contributions so you’re able to standard geophysics, earthquake physics, and you may issues minimization, however, equally important is actually their contribution with the global geoscience society through his unselfish cooperation which have all sorts of associates and you may college students over the years.

Hiroo been search focus on the fresh University out of Tokyo in the sixties from the design and strengthening a-shipboard gravity meter, that has been followed by their study of this new crustmantle design out-of Japan. Getting very flexible, he in the future try involved with experimental and you can theoretic look that have younger colleagues with the bodily services away from rocks and vitamins, the newest surprise trend picture from county, elastic swells, thermal diffusivity, and you will electric conductivity, to call just a few sufferers. All these areas were very pioneering during the time. Such enjoy was crucial during the taking Hiroo which have an unusually wider scope in the later on research. After a while, as much as 1970, he chose to focus his services with the seismology and you may is actually apparently dominican cupid sign up fascinated with the efficacy of this new revolution equation.

Their monumental works during the early 1970s confirmed new freshly produced dish tectonics suggestion by the analyzing higher area arch earthquakes and you can presenting the notion of tsunami earthquakes. Just after moving to the newest California Institute out of Technical inside the 1972, his activity bloomed inside the varied industries. The introduction of moment magnitude, measurement of great earthquakes, in addition to variety of subduction zones are a handful of examples. Immediately after around 1980, eruptive eruptions on Saint Helens and you can Pinatubo was in fact suitable aim getting his long-months process. His knowledge of one’s W stage, organization out-of real-day seismology, and its own app toward Caltech-USGS Aired out of Earthquakes (CUBE) system towards minimization from seismic possibility possess adopted you to immediately following various other, with every you to being it really is epoch making.

Hiroos efforts to your realm of seismology are obvious to some body accustomed progressive seismology and you will geophysics. His much time exemplary history of unselfish collaboration is also outstanding. Hiroo was a private, self-effacing person who enjoys usually remained focused on medical browse. But he has mentored and you will motivated generations out-of students and you will acquaintances. Capable the attest to just how freely he given his suggestions so you’re able to people as well as how keenly curious he was during the associates really works. There is no way so you’re able to amount just how many courses have been vitally molded or even stimulated by understanding you to Hiroo provided.

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