ESIC and EPF Consultant in Mumbai

We Provide our Services in the Preparation & Settlement of Claims, Guiding Employees at ESIS/C & Tie up Hospitals to avail ESIC Benefits as under.


1. Monthly Contribution only 0.75% of gross (Salary Max PM – Rs. 157.50)

2. Covers Employees & their Family including Dependent Parents (No Age Limit) 24 x 7 from day 1 of Employment.
3. Medical Reimbursement: in case of any Medical Expenses done by Employees/ Employers – in Emergency –at Non-ESI Tie Up hospitals. Reimbursement done to Employees/ Employer at CGHS-approved Rates

4. Total Cash less – No Ceiling limit for Any treatment cost, including Dependent Family.

5. TDB – Temporary Disablement benefit – EI In case of Accident during Working period – ESIC Pays Treatment cost* + up to 90% of wage of Non-working days paid by ESIC

6. PDB – Permanent Disablement benefit- EI in case of Accident while on working period ESIC Pays. Treatment cost* + up to 90% of Daily wages of Non-working days + Pension for Whole Life* (Decided by Medical Board)

7. Dependent Benefit-EI: in case of Death During the Working period. Esic pays Funeral Expense of Rs.15,000/- & Pension @ 90% of wages to dependent family

8. Maternity Benefit Maternity Leave of 26 weeks fully paid by ESIC to Employee. In case of Miscarriage: 12 weeks of Leave fully paid by ESIC Can be extended for 1 month on Medical advice

9. Sickness Benefit: SB -Leave up to 91 days in a year, Daily wages paid by esic up to 70% of the Wages. Extended Sickness Benefits: ESB extended up to 2 years* Daily Wages paid by esic up to 80% of the gross Wages. Enhanced Sickness Benefit: in case of sterilization by Employees – paid 100% wages

10. Old Age Medical care: PDB Cases & Retired Employees & their Spouse gets Medical Benefits by paying Rs.120/- PA.

11. Atal Beemit Vyakti Kalyan Yojana: Employees get 90 days wages in case of Unemployment

12. Rajiv Gandhi Shramik Kalyan Yojana: (Unemployment Allowance). In case of Closure of establishment, 50% of wages paid by ESIC to the Employee’s up to 2 years + Medical Benefits continue + Vocational training Expenditure provided by ESIC

13. Misc. No Reduction in wages on sickness/ No termination/ discharge/Dismissal during Sickness


1. Monthly contribution @3.25% (Max PM –Rs.682.50)

2. Employers are completive lived & free from providing any medical facility for Employees & their dependent families in cash/kind.

3. No need of any other medical insurance policy by Employer (unless it is contractual obligation by Employer)

4. Fully exempted from Employees (Workers) Compensation Act (WC).

5. Relived & Free from provost any wages loss as the same is taken care by ESIC

6. Employer Completely Exempted from Maternity Benefit Act

7. Relived & Free from providing any wages loss as the same is taken care by ESIC


9. In case Employer is providing Employment to a disable person up to 25k monthly wages then Employers are exempted from paying contribution of such employees up to 3 years.

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